5 Step Mortgage Process

Below you will find our 5 Step Mortgage Process.  There are many reasons why you should use the Irish Mortgage Corporation including:

  • Ireland’s longest established mortgage broker – est.1990
  • Award winning with expert advice from qualified advisors
  • Full digital journey from comfort of your home with:
  • Interactive online application portal & Zoom meetings
  • Access to our professionals panel (solicitors & surveyors)
  • Impartial advise with access to all lenders
  • Central Bank Exceptions available
  • The lender pays us – you don’t!
  • One stop shop

1. Initial Assessment

    • Assist you in compiling the documents required
    • We will identify your needs, research the mortgage market & provide feedback
    • Provide you with an indication on the likely mortgage amount available
    • Advise you on interest rate options, term and special offers available
    • We’ll give you a very clear estimate on timelines

2. Formal Assessment

    • Within 3 business days of receipt of your application we will confirm we have everything or tell you what additional documents we need
    • We will prepare & submit your mortgage application & liaise directly with the preferred lender
    • Then within 10 working days, we will advise you of the lender decision
    • If it is taking longer, we will tell you why & when we expect a decision
    • Obtain formal Approval in Principal (AIP) on terms sought


    • Switcher applications: we will provide an indicative comparison between the total interest payable over the remaining term of your existing mortgage compared to your new one
    • Provide you with comprehensive comparisons to show:
    • Amount of interest you could save by switching your mortgage
    • Monthly repayment savings
    • Term reduction benefits if keeping your current repayment

3. Mortgage Protection

  • Advice on protecting your home, your income and your family.
  • Fully automated / digital mortgage protection journey
  • Access to the unique Irish Life OnePlan product – combines benefits that provide peace of mind in one plan that suits your budget, at no extra cost.
  • Assess the suitability of your existing policies and arrange suitable replacements if necessary.
  • Manage your protection application through to “in-force” date.

4. Loan Offer 

(once property identified or SWITCHING MORTGAGE)

  • Administer any loan conditions and mortgage valuation
  • Obtain formal Loan Approval from the preferred lender
  • Confirm all in order and as agreed

5. Mortgage Cheque Issued

  • Co-ordinate with your solicitor
  • Resolution of outstanding items in a speedy fashion
  • House Insurance & mortgage protection co-ordination
  • Where we are arranging your mortgage protection we work closely with the provider throughout the “in-underwriting”  process
  • (Note: highly recommended to let us arrange this to ensure no delays)
  • Ensure loan funds can be released by the lender when required


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