Returning to Ireland – Not So Easy!

Siobhan, a successful woman in her early 40s, had built a thriving career in London over the past two decades. However, the pandemic prompted her to re-evaluate her priorities and lifestyle, leading her to make the life-changing decision to return to her native Wexford in search of her forever home. This story highlights the challenges and triumphs Siobhan faced as a first-time buyer returning to Ireland, with the unwavering support of the Irish Mortgage Corporation, mortgage advisor Edyta, and Clare and the Team in Completions.

Upon her return to Ireland, Siobhan began the daunting task of finding her dream home. Her search for new homes in Ireland eventually led her to a charming property in Enniscorthy, which, although in need of modernisation, held great potential to become her perfect sanctuary. Siobhan’s desire to create a forever home and embrace a new life in the Irish countryside was now within reach.

However, the journey of applying for a mortgage was not without its challenges. As a first-time buyer with a unique financial situation, Siobhan required expert guidance to navigate the mortgage market in Ireland. The Irish Mortgage Corporation stepped in to provide the support and advice she needed, with mortgage advisor Edyta taking the lead in guiding Siobhan through the process.

Edyta’s expertise and dedication proved invaluable as she worked closely with Siobhan to identify the most suitable mortgage product for her needs. They settled on a 5-year fixed rate mortgage from Bank of Ireland, offering Siobhan the stability and security she desired.

Throughout the application process, Siobhan was well supported by Clare and the Team in Completions, who ensured all necessary documentation was in place and liaised with the bank and solicitors on her behalf. Their tireless efforts allowed Siobhan to focus on planning her new life in Enniscorthy, including the modernisation of her new home and enjoying leisurely walks with her dogs in the picturesque Irish countryside.

In March, after a few challenging months, Siobhan finally moved into her new home. As she embarked on the exciting project of renovating her property, Siobhan knew that she had made the right decision in returning to Ireland. The peace and tranquillity of her new surroundings, coupled with the satisfaction of creating her dream home, made all the challenges she faced worthwhile.

Looking back on her journey, Siobhan is grateful for the unwavering support and guidance provided by the Irish Mortgage Corporation. The expertise and dedication of Edyta, Clare, and the Team in Completions played a pivotal role in helping her secure her first home in Ireland. Without their assistance, Siobhan acknowledges that her dream of returning to Ireland may not have become a reality.

In conclusion, Siobhan’s story highlights the challenges faced by first-time buyers returning to Ireland, as well as the importance of seeking professional advice and support from a reputable mortgage broker like the Irish Mortgage Corporation. Their exceptional team, including mortgage advisor Edyta and Clare and the Team in Completions, can help guide you through the process of applying for a mortgage and securing your dream home in Ireland.

If you are considering a move back to Ireland and are looking for new homes or advice on how to apply for a mortgage, don’t hesitate to contact the Irish Mortgage Corporation. Their dedicated team of experts will help you navigate the complexities of the mortgage market, ensuring that you can focus on making your dream of returning to Ireland a reality.

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